Welcome to Gardenx

At Gardenx, we do more than create beautiful landscape gardens.

We create emotions, we create enjoyment, we create a way of living. A place to invite friends over for barbecues and parties, a place to relax with family, a place to retrieve in your own little paradise, this is what we call happiness.

Designing and creating a warm inviting environment is what we love doing. We’ve been doing it for 24 years in Canada’s capital region, Ottawa and it’s surrounding region and Eastern Ontario.

We accomplish this for you by first listening to your inspirations and then with our expertises, we come together as a team to create fresh ideas that will work within your budgetary needs.

We invite you to learn about our company, explore our porfolio and review our services pages to discover how Gardenx can transform your outdoor space to a beautiful dream garden.

Gardenx Quality Service Folder

When doing business with GARDENX, be assure we’ll do everything in our control for your complete statisfaction. Upon signing a contract (big or small) with GARDENX, you will receive the “customer quality service folder”. It will guide you as the project progress to evaluate the quality of the work and service provided by the GARDENX’S TEAM.

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Other Links

For beautiful landscape ideas about different products, feel free to browse the following links from companies that have built there reputation on solid grounds and that we are dealing with.

When you will browse their photos, pay attention to specific details instead of the hole picture. While designing your dream garden, we’ll be able to incorporate those ideas into your project. Let’s work together to create your stunning garden.